The Federal government is not only with the Deutsche Bank in close contact, but also with the Bank and the financial investor Cerberus, which is part of both institutions to the most important shareholders. This is from a reply of the Federal Ministry of Finance, to a question from the Green party member of Parliament Gerhard forth bitches in Heiner, the possession of the F. A. Z..

Tim Kanning

editor in the economy.

F. A. Z.

Manfred Schäfers

economic correspondent in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

The Call of the Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD), and his Secretary of state, Jörg Kukies the largest German money house, however, is considerably narrower than that of the institution in which the Federal government since the financial crisis is involved. The newspaper revealed the close wire to the German Bank has fuelled the speculations of the policy-driven Fusion.

As the current Letter of the parliamentary Finance state Secretary Bettina Hagedorn, met the management of the Ministry as often with top representatives of the investment company Cerberus, such as with Commerzbank. So Scholz and Kukies met in may with the newly elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Commerzbank, Stefan Schmittmann, and the Chairman of the Board Martin Zielke. For June and August, two further contacts of Zielke and Kukies are noted. Four Times since August, Kukies has spoken to the Germany head of Cerberus, David Knower, who is called to these dates always higher-ranking colleagues.

In January, the two CEO Stephen Feinberg and Frank Bruno, and Matt Zames were even. The latter met in the German Bank since July, the unusual dual role, he advises, as a representative of the Investor, the management Board of Deutsche Bank. What was involved in the talks, says the Ministry of Finance.

the strategy is a mystery

Cerberus is not only involved in the two largest German banks. The financial investor has also acquired, jointly with another, the failure of the HSH Nordbank and, most recently, the Nord LB made a bid. Cerberus holds, in the meantime, a number of European Bank holdings. On the strategy behind it is a mystery.

As a response of the Federal government to a request of the Left-politician, Fabio de Masi, met Scholz and Kukies in addition, last September, the CDU-politician Friedrich Merz as a representative of the American asset Manager Blackrock, which is also one of the main shareholders of the German Bank and Commerzbank. A total of Merz therefore had four meetings with Federal Ministers.