especially in the manufacturing of medicines for people with diabetes the pharmaceutical company Sanofi in Frankfurt builds-Maximum for months already – and, soon, the number of jobs is reduced in Parts of the administration. As the Chairman of the General works Council, Beate Bockelt, the Rhine-Main-said newspaper, wants to deal with the Paris group in the world in the future less and less employees in departments with multi-site responsibilities. This was clear from a Letter of the group management Board Chairman Olivier brandi court.

Thorsten Winter

business editor of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Thus, brandi court has prepared a short time before the St. Nicholas day is the world’s more than 100,000 employees on the program “Horizon 2020”. In particular, the group intends to streamline its units for Finance, human resources, purchasing, and departments for legal and patent questions.

17 percent of 804

The Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH, 804 men and women count in such functions. About two-thirds of them are working, according to an estimate of Bockelt in the Höchst industrial Park, the other in Berlin, and of the group’s subsidiary Genzyme, Neu-Isenburg.

According to the specifications of brandi court should be reduced to 17 percent. That would be almost 140. The employee representatives want to act for the employer but, as the General works Council Chairman said. A company spokesperson informed, Sanofi adjust the number of units on the market conditions. The group loses quarter-on-quarter in the most Highly developed and produced long-term insulin Lantus due to cheaper generic products significantly to sales.