in The financial markets and the credit rating agencies are not concerned with the political situation in Belgium. However, if, at the end of this year and have no hope of the federal government, it would be the nervousness in the markets could increase. There has to be an expert in public finance, the National Bank informed.

in The absence of a federal government makes today, not for some of the rating agencies or investors, according to Luc Van Meensel, head of public finance at the National Bank of belgium. “The experience of 2011 has shown that the perception can change very quickly,” says Van Meensel. In 2011, began to spread on the interest rate differential with Germany – and to walk away when the financial markets for over 500 days and began to worry, because a new government, but it is not around the world.

as Of the Meensen warns: “The possibility cannot be excluded that the financial markets are nervous, and if at the end of this year to be no hope of the federal government. The sentiment in the markets can change very quickly”. Concerns in the markets for our country’s more and more expensive to finance.

Also, Jean Deboutte, director of the belgian Debt Agency, to confirm that the market today do not care of what is in Belgium. “In our contacts with the political situation in Belgium is not out of the question in a different way. In many countries, political problems. Belgium today, right away.” But that doesn’t mean that in Belgium, in both of the ears should be sleeping. “The markets are unpredictable. It can change very quickly.”

for More on the Federal government Frozen in political circumstances, it seems to be dooien following guide to PS: “you Can have the tin for the N-VA,” Raoul Hedebouw (LABOUR): “The N-VA, has been a hold-up at the office. It makes me furious,” the Federal negotiations, no Elio Di Rupo will be even more difficult: “the Di Rupo knows how to compromise, but the Magnette,…” PS and the SP.A want of Open VLD, the federal dump