There is no formula, but you can use this tool developed by the CAA ( This is not perfect, but it will allow you to evaluate the cost of using your vehicle and to make comparisons. According to this calculator, the cost per mile is 46 cents. Maintenance and repair costs are estimated at $3,841.74 per year. That said, if your vehicle “still runs great,” why not keep it for a few more years? Your vehicle’s V6 engine has a good reliability record. However, it is necessary to perform an oil change every 8,000 km. Another thing to look out for: the four-wheel drive mode. Have it inspected regularly. Rust can damage the splines (splines) of the axle between the transmission and the transfer case. Repair is expensive. If the axle is not broken, have it unblocked and greased. Some breaks in the rear viscocoupler have been reported by some of our readers. A second-hand part can reduce the price of the repair.

Your reasoning is correct. It’s not worth the shot. If “reliability drops,” the problem is often between the seat and the steering wheel. The two key words: preventive maintenance. The overall reliability of the Outback (including the 2016 model) is about average. To answer your second question, the gasoline engine is not going away anytime soon. It is true, however, that the end of the sale of new gasoline vehicles is scheduled for 2035 in Quebec. Shade. As for the CX-50, it’s an interesting choice, but perhaps it’s better to wait for the release of the CX-70 and its hybrid engine. Mazda will reveal full details by the end of the month. To answer your question, we assume the price of the CX-50 GS-L ($39,950) is “affordable.” Therefore, with eligibility for government subsidies in mind, you should particularly keep an eye on the future Chevrolet Blazer EV and Honda Prologue.

You might consider the Kia Niro. It offers three engines (hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric) and the basic warranty (5 years/100,000 km) is generous. Another possible choice is the Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid.

The 3.5 liter engine you are referring to is actually a 3.4 liter (3445 cc). And unlike the one that was under the hood of your Lexus RC, this one is supercharged by turbocharger. There are similarities, but they are not the same engines. This clarification having been made, as part of its recent redesign, the Tacoma now relies exclusively on supercharged 4-cylinder engines (gasoline or hybrid). Despite Toyota’s reputation, the first year of marketing a new model always remains delicate, even if several components seem proven. As proof, the most recent Tundra does not do very well with an organization like Consumer Reports, which judges its reliability to be below average. Therefore, it is better to turn to the previous generations of the Tacoma or the Tundra. You could also consider purchasing the Honda Ridgeline if it corresponds to the use you plan to make of it.