Financially and ecologically, why not keep your current vehicle? Of course, you will save on fuel by opting for a Corolla. However, considering your annual mileage and the costs associated with the purchase of a new vehicle (financing, insurance, winter tires, etc.), it is better to keep your Camry. After all, you keep your vehicles for an average of 10 years. So you still have a few years left.

Rest assured, although the distribution of spare parts poses a problem, you will still be able to obtain them through scrap dealers or equipment manufacturers to keep your vehicle running. That said, you could indeed consider replacing it and of the two vehicles mentioned, the Forester appears to be a worthy successor to your current vehicle due to the performance of its all-wheel drive. It should be noted that the Forester will be redesigned next year, but the current version is not without interest due to its proven reliability.

You may get a great price, but is that your only motivation? It’s very good to take the electric turn, but it requires a certain amount of preparation. Do you have access to a charging station? What do you plan to use the vehicle for? Does it correspond to your needs, your use? We offer you the fanciest (read expensive) variation, but do you really need it? In addition, the bZ4X is not the vehicle offering the best autonomy on the market and it will be subject to certain updates in the coming months (charging capacity). Your RAV4 Hybrid has low mileage on its odometer and is probably paid for. Our recommendation: keep it!

According to Consumer Reports, the Subaru Legacy is among the best sedans for people your size. In addition, it corresponds to both your budget and your criteria (reliability and smooth ride).