After the long months of low water, water levels rise on the river Rhine. “Even now, many ships are able to sail again with a full load,” said a spokesman for the water – and shipping authority of Duisburg, this is for the section of the Rhine up to the Dutch border, in charge.

the Federal Association of German inland navigation, reported a slowly relaxing Situation. It is an increasingly regular operation on the Rhine, was possible, a spokesman said. A Stand, in the meantime, 3,50 meters on the level of Duisburg-Ruhrort “good water”.

Because of the low water levels, the supply of gas stations with Diesel and petrol in the past few weeks, again and again, Stalled. According to the gas station group, the Aral sea, the situation has improved in the meantime. “We cannot but speak of normalization,” said a company spokesman in Bochum, Germany. It will still take some time until the storage tank to be refilled. “There is still a lot to catch up on.”