Expensive primary care: the consumer record electricity prices


    consumers in Germany have been relieved While the prices for gasoline and heating oil in the first weeks of the new year, it is for many households, the electricity and probably natural gas more expensive. 500 out of a total of 834 electricity suppliers in the so-called basic pension – often these are municipal utilities or the local power companies have increased since the beginning of the year their prices or increases for the next few weeks announced.

    Christian Siedenbiedel

    editor in the economy.

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    The price increase is, on average, 5.1 percent and affects approximately 4.7 million households. Electricity for consumers in Germany in January and as expensive as never before, as the Internet portal Check 24 reported in an evaluation of its data. “Consumers pay a new record price of electricity – electricity is 46% more expensive than in 2007,” said Oliver drilling of Check 24. A household with an annual consumption of 5000 kilowatt hours of pay in section 1437 Euro.

    In the European Union, Germany is, however, in the past year in the ranking of the most expensive electricity prices have fallen back to second place, according to the Internet portal Verivox reported, citing data from the European statistics authority Eurostat. In the second half of 2017, Germany had occupied the first place among the most expensive electricity of the countries of Europe. In the first half of 2018 – from this period, the most recent data are from Eurostat, Denmark was again the leader, followed by Germany and Belgium.

    Gas have increased this year significantly more expensive

    The natural gas for Heating 297 of 710 primary care in Germany in the new year, your rates or increases for the next few weeks announced. The increases amount to an average of 8.6 percent. Are affected approximately three million households. On average, the natural gas price increases for a typical household with an annual consumption of around 20 000 kilowatt-hours at 1236 euros.

    “Gas is for consumers this year, significantly more expensive,” says Check-24-energy professional drilling. The reason for the price, the higher procurement prices increase especially: “The stock market prices for natural gas have risen between March and October 2018 and by around 50 percent.”

    fuel prices have normalized

    The development of the gasoline prices last week was rather unspectacular After the strikingly high prices from the autumn, the situation has returned to normal, apparently, to a large extent. In its weekly analysis of gas prices of 14,000 gas stations of the car club ADAC reports, in comparison to the previous week, motorists would have to pay for a Liter of Super E10 is now 0.4 of a Cent less-an average of 1,335 euros per litre. This was the lowest value in the young calendar year. A litre of Diesel have risen, however, by 0.7 Cent to 1,239 euros.