copper of Cyprus export was about 4,000 years ago. You needed the metal everywhere in the then civilized world. In Egypt, for example. Transported it was stacked on ships, in the Form of ox-skin bars. They are so called because they look like a stretched ox-hides. Everyone knew at the time. Ox-skin bars but it was also in a handy Format, miniaturized. And as a motif in the plastic. The ox hide ingot God from Enkomi on it, as on a Pedestal. Maybe he was responsible for the protection of the Copper deposits. But what are the small bars. Perhaps it was a kind of Souvenir.

Michael Holzer

culture editor of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

Other realities, other times, other cultures: The ox hide ingot is one of 16 topics, the exhibition is “a fascination with things” in the Frankfurt Museum Giersch, the Goethe-University. It is based on 16 dissertations and hypotheses. This sounds fairly unspectacular, almost dusty, a lot of my to know that doctor work from most remote objects of the act, which are not for the General public is really of interest to you. Far from it. What are the 14 promo explore four ends and the two Postdocs from the graduate school “way and the Equivalent of” at the Goethe-University, excited the astonishment and encourages the imagination.

You want to helmet immediately, the Corinthian, known as the headgear of Athena, with the Tondächern in ancient Greece, with the new Zealand Whanganui river, which is for the Maori, a Person with the rites surrounding the death in Ghana or with the memorabilia from the Roman Imperial period employ, as a Gladiator, fighting and car racing are the pillars of a thriving entertainment industry.


The presentation makes up a large part of the fun of this exhibition. Students of the faculty of design at the Hochschule Darmstadt have themes and theses clearly. Listening stations, Videos, and specially for this Show-recorded film Interviews serve the purpose of teaching.