Exclusive Deal: Balmoral Group Acquires The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa

One of the prominent businessmen in the north-east, Sir Jim Milne, is set to take ownership of the luxurious Marcliffe Hotel and Spa in Aberdeen. The multi-million-pound deal between Balmoral Group, Sir Jim’s Granite City-based engineering company, and the Spence family, who have been operating the five-star hotel since 1993, marks the end of an era for the Spence family.

The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa will now be managed by Effective Hospitality Management (EHM) on behalf of Balmoral Group. Sir Jim Milne, who has been a long-time customer of the hotel and its restaurant, expressed his admiration for the business, especially since it holds sentimental value as the venue for his wedding reception in 2001.

Despite a previous unsuccessful attempt to purchase the Marcliffe eight years ago, Sir Jim is committed to continuing the refurbishment program and maintaining the high standards of the hotel under Balmoral’s ownership. The sale ensures job continuity for the hotel’s staff and confirms that there will be no disruptions to bookings or operations.

The Marcliffe’s managing director, Ross Spence, will be stepping down at the end of the month, ending the family’s association with the hotel business that was acquired by his father in 1979. The transition to Balmoral’s ownership is seen as a natural progression that will uphold the Marcliffe’s heritage and standards.

Balmoral Group, established by Sir Jim in 1980, is a global company with over 600 employees and operations in multiple countries. The company’s focus on delivering quality solutions aligns with the commitment to maintaining the Marcliffe’s reputation. With EHM’s expertise and experience, Balmoral aims to ensure a seamless transition for the Marcliffe under its new ownership.

Effective Hospitality Management brings years of senior management experience in the hospitality industry, with key figures like John Shevlin and Stephen Carter leading the way. The acquisition of the Marcliffe by Balmoral Group signifies a new chapter for the iconic Aberdeen establishment, promising continued excellence and dedication to its legacy.