people’s cars, is expanding the discounts for the replacement of older diesel cars in fuel-efcient cars to the whole of Germany. In the case of the trade-in of a Diesel vehicle of any manufacturer with Euro-4 or Euro-5 emissions standard in addition to the residual value of between 500 and 7000 euros were paid, announced that the VW brand on Wednesday. The corporate sister Audi pays when there is a change to a car with the Euro-6 Standard up to 9000 Euro. The two brands offer up to 30. April on a temporary basis. So far, the so-called exchange premium was limited to the Federal government-defined cities and counties with especially polluted air.

Volkswagen had recently launched is already the scrappage scheme for cars of the older pollutant classes Euro 1 to Euro 4. Depending on the model, and the group brand will receive a Diesel-holder when buying a new car, or young Used a price reduction of several thousand euros, if you let an older vehicle to scrap. In the course of these actions more than 240,000 old Diesel with new car have been replaced, according to the vwkonzern so far.

Also other car manufacturers provide purchase price reductions in the new car, to get older diesel autosvon the road. Daimler, for instance, offers for Diesel passenger Cars of the brand Mercedes-Benz depending on the model, up to 10,000 Euro in the particularly polluted regions, and outside of a lump sum of 2000 Euro. BMW pays a similar premium for the trade-in of a diesel vehicle, the emission standard Euro 4 or Euro 5 in the intensive cities and, nationwide, of Euro 5 vehicles.