Exceptional energy check: the terms defined


From the end of December, the exceptional energy check will be paid, payments which will be spread over a period of eight weeks. On Sunday December 11, 2022, the government published a decree aimed at setting the terms of eligibility for this check. The said decree extends the beneficiary group of the check to 12 million households across France, as reported by our colleagues from Capital.

The exceptional energy check cannot be used indefinitely. Indeed, energy suppliers will only accept the exceptional check as a means of payment until March 31, 2024. To be reimbursed, the deadline is May 31, 2024. The implementation of such a device is however not at all innovative. Indeed, annual energy checks have been donated to 6 million French households since 2018!

The height of the amount paid to the beneficiaries ranges from 100 to 200 euros, and is defined according to the annual reference tax income per consumption unit. If this income is less than 10,800 euros, the household will receive a check for the maximum amount. If, on the contrary, the annual reference tax income per consumption unit of a household rises above 10,800 euros and remains below 17,400 euros, the check will be only 100 euros.

Faced with soaring energy prices, the government had also introduced a tariff shield, which limits the increase in prices for users. Energy checks specifically designed for fireplaces heating with wood or oil have also appeared.