Former Michigan quarterback Dylan McCaffrey is moving to Northern Colorado, where he is going to have the opportunity to play because of his dad, Ed McCaffrey.

Dylan McCaffrey was an ESPN 300 recruit at the 2017 course but was unable to win the starting job at Michigan. He tried only 15 moves in 2018 and suffered a broken collarbone that shortened his year. He had been a backup to Shea Patterson at 2019.

McCaffrey could not get his career began at Michigan and picked from the 2020 year before it started.

The elder McCaffrey became the head coach for the Bears at December 2019, but he’s to coach a match for Northern Colorado since the Big Sky transferred its season into the spring because of COVID-19.

Northern Colorado recently announced it won’t take part in the Big Sky’s spring time and championship period but will rather pursue a modified, nonconference schedule in late spring.

Ed McCaffrey will add his son into the roster with two decades of eligibility remaining, also since Dylan McCaffrey is a grad move, he’s eligible to play instantly.

McCarthy enrolled early in Michigan and has been the No. 25-ranked sponsor overall, in addition to the No. 2 dual-threat quarterback from the course.