Who just moved into a new apartment, want to set high after the move, the stress on loved one’s feet. However, before you can make yourself comfortable at home, is a mandatory response: the registration office for inhabitants.

Anne-Christin Sievers

editor in the economy.

F. A. Z.

In Germany, every resident is obliged to do so, his residence or re-register – regardless of whether it is the new home to a First – or a second residence. For this you have to comply with a given deadline, which is depending on the state, between a week and fourteen days after the move. The basis for this regulation, the Federal telecommunications act. Of Sign up one speaks, if the new place of residence is in a different registration district, in Frankfurt instead of Berlin, of re-register if you change only the apartment within a city.

To do this, you only need a valid identity card or passport and a registration certificate, which you can download frequently on the website of municipalities. The lease, in most cases, not present. 1. November 2015 will have to give the owner his new tenant is also a confirmation with all relevant data such as collection date, home address, Name and address of the lessor and the name of the reporting persons has to be presented to the residents at the residents ‘ registration office.

The Background: In the past it happened often that the Criminals, but also parents with school in the other district to note the address of a house in which you lived. A further advantage of the flat donor confirmation is that the administrator can more easily track whether residents have exceeded the reporting period. All of the necessary documents are available, it is noted the new address in the identity card.

deadline extension

those Who do not live in Bavaria, you must be personally at the registration office to make representations, only in the free state of the you can also post rules. apply for If the new tenant is sick or for other reasons not able to take care of themselves to the re-registration, he can give a friend or relative a power of attorney.

The residence to re-register is usually free of charge. It does not, however, the period of time or not to report, commits a misdemeanor according to Section 54 of the registration act and must pay, under certain circumstances, a criminal charge that can at least be on the paper at the discretion of the clerk and the commune up to 1000 Euro. This is also the owner or administrator of, or not in time to issue the confirmation. In practice, the fines are often low and well over 100 Euro are rare. Often the officials to press the case of negligence of a few days or weeks, one eye, because the citizens offices of many large cities are congested and you don’t get, sometimes fast enough to make an appointment.