do you Remember Filip Kostic (26) yet? Seven years ago, it seemed like he was the heir to the throne of Dirar from Club Bruges, which is Standard to have it at. In Frankfurt, though, where it’s a thrill, it is.

It was, at first, a difficult young man. A boy who has the edge that it went on a training course. However, Club Brugge, saw it in 2012 and still have a great future for the then 19-year-old lefty. For less than a million euro’s wanted to be a blue-grey to him, away from Serbia’s Radnicki Kragujevac, as a substitute for, that of Dirar, but the exuberant makelaarseisen was so great that the deal did not go through. Tonight it is the Standard now huh? Not in Belgium, but, on Frankfurt in the Europa League. Today, Kostic, there is the audience favorite, and by far the most valuable player. Specialized sites estimated value of is currently at almost 40 million euros. Frankfurt was a beautiful summer, it was his option to Hamburger SV for the approximately 6 million euros will be lifted, and that in addition to a fee of $ 1.2 million. Looking back, it was next to nothing.

“He’s a lucky break, and, with his dynamism, determination and flexibility as he had a big part in our season,” said sporting director Fredi Bobic was still in mid-may. Especially in the European and threw the club as high: Chelsea could be in Frankfurt only after a penalty off in the semi-finals of the champions League.

Two of the impairments.

In Frankfurt, this was Kostic a good rest after a real odyssey. Hamburg, in the summer of 2016, and 14 million paid to him in Stuttgart, germany. However, the unstable climate, with the two clubs, with a total of four different instructors, that helped him. And, after two degradations, in Germany, with Stuttgart and Hamburg, it was quite remarkable that, in Frankfurt, still saw something in Kostic. But those who laugh last, and best laugh. He is now under contract until 2023. “He had me immediately convinced that, as a footballer and as a man,” said the coach Hütter before him. “He has all of the critics click on the piece.”

in Today’s Kostic is essential for the airport. When the Germans scored this season and more than a few times in the kwalificatiematchen for the Europa League. In the Bundesliga, however, he provided as many assists in the tournament. Also, with the Serbian national team, he is a regular customer, though he managed to score only two times in 35 international matches. Curious to know if he’s in tonight, along with the Kamada (ex-STVV), the European schedule of Preud’homme and a Standard hamper.

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