in Addition to the Eddy Merckx was Roger De Vlaeminck, this weekend in the hospital. De Vlaeminck has been since Saturday in a hospital in Eeklo, belgium.

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De Vlaeminck ended on Saturday at the department of intensive care. “Freaked out, constantly,” he said yesterday on the phone. “I don’t feel sick, but she wanted to know where the sore neck, and that chill came from. They have been all over with me: in the scanners, lungs, and abdomen are examined. They want to know the cause. For that reason, I suppose I’ll have to 48 hours to be verified,” said the 72-year-old ‘Monsieur Paris-Roubaix’.

“I was even though She (Traffic) is on the line. That is, it has to succeed, that we’re both at about the same time, lying in a hospital bed. I hope that they will know which bacteria, or something like that in the game. That is, put on muscle, right? They have already stated that I have fourteen days to know where did you get your hairs did. That’s good, right?”

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