“I don’t know a faithful man. Women believe they are, but it’s not true.” Évelyne Leclercq probably knows what she is talking about. The star host of the show Turn carousel! obviously knows a lot about men and romantic relationships. In an interview with the magazine France Dimanche, Évelyne Leclercq confided in the men who make her crack. “I like adventurers, Koh-Lanta style, rather than 8 p.m. presenter style,” she confessed. But, in addition to being handsome and muscular, she also loves them young. “I do not see myself at all with a gentleman of my age. Unless he is tanned, athletic, with long hair and sailors”, jokes Évelyne Leclercq. “An elegant sexagenarian in a three-piece suit, very little for me”.

And, young people, the former host also knows what she is talking about: several of her former boyfriends were much younger than her. “We will say that I am less cougar, but in the past I was and I assume it” she confides. “I’ve had great stories with people who were my daughter’s age. It’s not good, but that’s the way it is!” Évelyne Leclercq, who has been married twice and recently separated from her companion (“my foreign companion and I have stopped our relationship, that’s life” she said), does not however intend to let society dictate its conduct and its judgment of those who do not fit into the mould. “Strangely, there is no term to qualify a man who has a relationship with a younger woman. It’s not normal. When you see a woman on the arm of a young person, it’s shocking. I find that well. When I see Claire Chazal and Arnaud Lemaire, I say bravo!” she added.