A simple story, Madam Headmaster, Thank you Bernard… These are the fictions that have made Éva Darlan a popular actress and appreciated by the French. A fine film career that left no doubt of the drama unfolding behind the scenes of his intimate life.

During an interview with Jordan de Luxe for her show L’instant de Luxe from Non Stop People, Eva Darlan spoke about her past as a battered woman. “It doesn’t start with beatings, it starts with beautiful love, magnificent, extraordinary”, she explained about her former husband and continuing: “The beatings come at the end. It starts with depreciations, with spades and then “sorry” and then “I haven’t spoken to you all day” (…) and then “I don’t know if I’ll be in a good mood when I get home, maybe I’ll be ‘devastating mood’ (…) On the day of the separation, he went crazy. It was a direct court”, she added.

Following this separation, his former companion would have “taken everything”. “He took all my money, I find myself with plastic bags, two children. I took a house, but I could not afford the pay (…) When you are married under the regime of the community, at the time of the divorce, we can ask the other half of what we spent on the couple, well that’s what he did with 10 years of bills and I don’t I had nothing”, she explained and put it into perspective afterwards: “Today I am very careful, I live on 2,000 euros a month. It’s fine with me, I don’t care”.

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