Eva Daeleman is in the south stepped up with her best friend, Stu. That’s what makes the former MNM host of well-known on Instagram. The two were married on the beach, as well as that produced fairy-tale images.

“Because if you are, it feels, it feels, and in ge it”, and that is to good to be true told, Eva Daeleman images from her wedding on Instagram, with the locatietag of ‘Love’. Eva and Luca have been since at least 2017, a year, and her blog, ” Every day a holiday’, however, once read, you will be able in addition to looking good it was time for the two of them. That love has now been sealed up on the beach.

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because if you feel it then, feel the ge is it ? ~~~~~~ forever ~~~~~~ ?? the allergeweldigste @jesuisirmy – you are the sunshine ?? @lnknits ??????? @barberellahaar ?? @lorevankeer.

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