It’s hard to deny the value of a coin. Even when it is not current in the country where you are, it can most of the time be converted and then spent. In this case, you have to deal with the conversion costs which can unfortunately cut into the profitability of this small piece of alloy. Others, however, do everything to avoid having to leave their precious money in the hands of money changers: they want to keep them, because they collect them or plan to resell them for more than the neophyte could not think reasonable. They are called numismatists.

The numismatist, recalls L’Internaute on its site, is the “collector of ancient or contemporary coins and medals”. It is also “the scholar specializing in the study of these” and very often the investor Because money can turn out to be a particularly profitable investment, as Planet has already had occasion to explain, provided you don’t get tricked when buying or reselling!

In order not to fail to be fooled, it is important to understand what are the elements that make or not the value of a piece, recalls Pleine Vie on its site. They are four in number.

Of course, it is not only in France that one finds pieces rare enough to attract the attention of collectors. During holidays in the euro zone, it is possible to find your wallet full of money that is worth (a little) more than expected. Discover the list of rooms you should pay attention to during your vacation in our slideshow below.