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The European Space Agency is currently holding its initial recruiting drive in 11 Decades and is emphasizing a desire for higher diversity

PARIS — The European Space Agency is holding its initial recruiting drive in 11 decades and is emphasizing its desire to attain greater diversity.

The European equivalent of NASA is trying to recruit more girls astronauts this calendar year, in addition to individuals with disabilities that have always dreamed of going to space.

We want really exceptional astronauts for the long run,” stated the ESA’s Director General Jan Worner.

Only 65 of the over 560 people who’ve gone into area have been girls. Of these 65 girls, 51 were all American. The ESA has shipped just two girls into area — Claudie Haigneré and Samantha Cristoforetti — and is currently hoping to remedy the imbalance.

According to the ESA, it is the first time a space agency anyplace has started the application process up to individuals with disabilities.

“Representing all sections of the society is an issue that we take quite seriously,” said David Parker, the bureau’s Human and Robotic Exploration Manager. “Diversity at ESA must not just handle the source, age, history or sex of our astronauts, but also maybe physical disabilities.”

British astronaut Tim Peake welcomed the strategy, saying it”will change the landscape” to ensure individuals from varied backgrounds”will notice that really there’s an opportunity here to become a part of Europe’s new space leaders”

The program procedure, agency officials say, will require some 18 months, in front of a couple of effective astronauts will probably be selected.