That there is a form of continuity, despite everything. It is not wrong to say that the radical right won, but it is not a devastating victory. It is a marginal victory, because it is less important than what was announced and which, ultimately, will not affect the existing majority. It is true that the liberals (center) lost seats, just like the socialists. But the Conservatives also gained a few seats. The classic majority – conservatives, socialists, liberals – retains sufficient margin to reiterate its coalition. Apparently, the Greens have also said they are available to join this coalition.

It’s already the case. Even if the radical right does not directly participate in the game of power and does not enter into any coalition, it still has an influence in the dominant ideology. There is generally a right-wing shift in discourse within the political class and within European institutions, among others among the conservatives of the European People’s Party (EPP, conservative right). Concerning immigration, for example. There is no longer anyone who says that the abolition of borders is a great conquest for Europe. We’re talking more about strengthening borders…

It’s true that there are similarities, if we look at the champions of each group, Giorgia Meloni with the CRE and Marine Le Pen with ID. Meloni comes from a neo-fascist party. But since taking power, Ms. Meloni has become much more moderate. The ID group is more radical, with the National Rally in France and the AfD in Germany, which had been excluded, but which will apparently be reinstated after the expulsion of some of its more extremist members.

It is certainly possible, but again it would not be a big novelty. In the past, there have been somewhat fluctuating majorities on certain issues. These variable geometry majorities are common depending on the files, whether in agriculture, the environment or immigration. What does not change is that far left or far right parties like Identity and Democracy still remain on the fringes of these alliances. What is important for the European Parliament is also the formation of the European Commission. The Commission is the executive body of the European Union and it is the Parliament which votes for its president. I believe it will be Ursula von der Leyen [EPP member] once again.

Yes, groups can change. It’s the power that holds all these people together. But I think Fratelli d’Italia doesn’t really have much interest in moving. In the CRE, Meloni is a bit like the queen, and in the EPP, she would get lost in a big medley of different parties.

That’s the million dollar question! The environment will always be there. Defense has been put on the table and will not disappear with the tensions at Europe’s borders. And immigration. I would say that these are the three priority issues.

Yes, it’s sad to see that 70 years after the creation of the European Union in its various incarnations, the participation rate remains so low. It’s sad. It shows a lack of affection for this creature so strange and so typical of the continent. We know that European issues have never ignited the hearts of Europeans. Passions have always been lower than in national elections. Here too, we are in continuity.