Euro 2024: Deschamps Reveals Mbappé’s Positioning Strategy Ahead of Tournament

Amidst mounting questions about his star striker at the start of the gathering, Didier Deschamps discussed Kylian Mbappé’s positioning on the field and the evolution of his captaincy in a lengthy interview with several regional newspapers, ahead of the final Euro warm-up match against Canada (Sunday at 9:15 pm).

In all the right moves against Luxembourg (3-0), reassuring about his physical condition, Kylian Mbappé has regained the desire, the energy, the taste for duels, everything that had been missing in recent weeks with PSG where he seemed to be dragging his feet. He may have lacked precision in the final gesture, but the star forward of the Blues still delivered two assists and scored a goal. Not bad for a first rehearsal before the Euro (June 14-July 14).

Mostly positioned in the center, where he received a gift from Bradley Barcola on the third goal, with a certain freedom to attack on the left side as well, Kylian Mbappé was very active. Has Didier Deschamps already settled the issue of his positioning on the field, which has been much debated this season at PSG? “For each player, it is about putting him in the best conditions. He is supposed to be the most decisive of all. The fresher and closer to the opponent’s penalty area he is, the better it is for us,” explained the coach to Ouest France, while rejecting the idea that the prodigy from Bondy would be relieved of any contribution to the collective effort when losing the ball.

“He fully assumes this role of captain”

“Everyone is concerned,” reassures Deschamps. “We have to ensure balance. But no one refuses. Compromises have to be made. One should not go against the other.” Named captain of the French team over a year ago to replace goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, Kylian Mbappé will wear the armband at the Euro despite reservations expressed during the last gathering about his ability to unite and rally in the absence of Griezmann.

France had faltered (0-2) in Décines against Germany, without its leader being able to awaken his teammates. On the supposed lack of leadership from his captain, Didier Deschamps denies. “He fully assumes this role, both on and off the field. But we also spend a lot more time internally, with exchanges, different situations, requests, and it suits him very well. He is not alone, Antoine (Griezmann) is with him. He also has more experience and responsibility than a year ago. It’s going very well.”

After a smooth victory in the first of their two warm-up matches on Wednesday, in Metz, the French team faces Canada this Sunday (9:15 pm), in Bordeaux, ten days before their first match against Austria on June 17 in Düsseldorf.