The results of the EU summit on Thursday to Brexit are encountered in the UK on a negative Echo. “It looks as if the Prime Minister had failed to deliver meaningful changes to your Brexit Deal,” tweeted the Brexit-the spokesman for the opposition Labour party, Keir Starmer. He called before Christmas to vote on the agreement.

head of government Theresa May was postponed this week’s planned vote in Parliament in the short term, because a clear defeat loomed. She wanted to reach in Brussels “assurances” about the as a Backstop, to be referred to a guarantee for an open border in Ireland. The government now wants to leave in January to vote.

in the press of the attempt Mays, to achieve concessions in Brussels, as a setback interpreted. The London “Times” was that the EU had humiliated May””. According to the Guardian, the reaction from Brussels on the request of the Prime Minister was a “crushing blow” to their hopes to save the Deal.