EU elections live: Macron calls snap elections as far-right support surges in European elections – BBC News

A compelling opening paragraph that provides a brief overview of the topic and hooks the reader’s interest. The European elections have seen a surge in far-right support, prompting French President Emmanuel Macron to call for snap elections in response to the unexpected outcome. The results have left many wondering about the future of European politics and the rise of nationalist sentiments.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to call for snap elections following the surge in support for the far-right National Rally has sent shockwaves through the country. The unexpected outcome has left many questioning the future of French politics and the potential implications for the European Union.

The exit polls in France have shown Marine Le Pen’s National Rally list coming out on top with more than 30% of the vote, a significant milestone for the far-right party. President Macron’s Renaissance party, on the other hand, secured second place with 15.2% of the vote, highlighting the divisive political landscape in the country.

In response to the results, President Macron is dissolving parliament and calling for new elections, set to take place on June 30 and July 7. The move reflects the growing influence of right-wing parties in European politics and the challenges faced by centrist leaders like Macron.

The far-right surge in France mirrors similar trends across Europe, with parties like the Freedom Party in Austria and the AfD in Germany celebrating gains in the European Parliament elections. The rise of nationalist sentiments and anti-establishment movements poses a significant challenge to traditional political structures and alliances.

As the dust settles on the European elections, the political landscape in Europe is undergoing a seismic shift. The results have highlighted the growing influence of far-right parties and the challenges faced by centrist leaders like Macron in navigating this new political reality. The upcoming snap elections in France will be a crucial test for the future direction of the country and the European Union as a whole.