the EU budget Commissioner Guenther Oettinger expects a Brexit-decision only shortly before the end of March the planned withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. He does not think that the design of the outlet agreement, in the interest of great Britain as well as in the remaining 27 States of the EU is excellent, Oettinger said the magazine “Focus”, according to the preliminary report. “That’s why you should try until the end of March, to him legally.” After the vote in the house of Commons in London for ten weeks remain until the official withdrawal date. It was already late, said Oettinger on the question of whether the UK with the decision of whether and how the EU will, to a few hours before the 29. March of time.

The Brexit Treaty, the threat of rejection in Parliament, which is why the EU is already making arrangements for the particularly of the economy dreaded No-Deal scenario. Also, the UK government has outlined plans for a disorderly Brexit, it is but different views about how you should actually proceed.

09. January, the deputies will resume their debate on the Treaty. The vote is planned for mid-January. The original voting deadline on November 11. December had to be cancelled, Prime Minister Theresa May in the face of an inevitable-seeming rebuff.

The withdrawal from the EU is for the 29. March planned. By the end of 2020, there will be a transition phase, in the UK, or EU law applies. The time can, if necessary, be extended for two years, but only if the government in London signed before the withdrawal of the divorce agreement with the EU.