The wedding and science season ends tonight on M6. This Monday, June 5, 2023 is broadcast the final episode of Married at first sight. It’s time for couples to live their last days on honeymoon or in their new life together, before taking stock with experts Estelle Dossin and Gilbert Bou Jouadé.

Among the unions celebrated this year in Gibraltar, the couple Estelle and Maximilien marked season 7 of the program on M6. With a love compatibility rate estimated at 80% according to experts, they have experienced ups and downs in their relationship. Between the complicated relationship of the young thirty-year-old with his stepfather Bülent and the doubts of his daughter, their trip gave rise to the first tensions within the couple.

During their stay in Menorca in the Balearic Islands, the sports coach Maximilien gave a private lesson to his wife. But the young secretary seemed reluctant when she mentioned certain aspects of her husband’s job, which greatly displeased him. Namely the home sessions that the candidate gives to several clients in a strictly professional setting.

While the conflicts seemed to calm down on their return from the trip, the couple would seem to be going through a new crisis. In the last part broadcast this evening on M6 (see the extract below), Maxime finds his wife Estelle in his gym located near Perpignan. The opportunity for him to introduce his workplace to the pretty brunette, who was quick to bombard him with questions about his links with his customers.

“Do you have more boys? Do you have more girls?” asked the 31-year-old. “There are more guys in bodybuilding and more girls in group classes, you see. Upstairs, what you saw was 90% girls,” replied her husband. Faced with questions from Estelle about her coaching and club members, Maximilien defends himself. “I think you have a bad view of fitness. It’s my job, it’s not my hobby in fact. I don’t come here to flirt, to ‘shark girls'”.

Facing the camera, the young groom expresses his frustration with his wife. “She doesn’t trust me, it’s also started to annoy me for some time and she doesn’t see it, she doesn’t feel it. that I am teased, but there are limits that should not be exceeded”. Far from being destabilized, this soldier’s son retorts against Bülent’s daughter.

“Just because you’re a coach doesn’t mean you max out all the machines. What does that actually mean?” That’s when Estelle throws the pike too much: “Just that you know how to use them, but you can’t carry weight”. A remark deemed inappropriate by the coach who turns on himself. “Frankly, your speech is feeding me. You know what, I’m stopping it all there. You’re breaking my balls”, he gets carried away under the laughter of his wife, a little too mocking.

Hurt and exasperated by his wife’s behavior, Maximilien leaves his workplace. In front of the total incomprehension of the young southerner. “Frankly, I don’t understand at all at that moment, he freaks out. Maybe I said something wrong,” she says.

Outside, the tension has not subsided between the two bride and groom. Worse still, Estelle criticizes Maximilien for his “susceptible” character. “It annoyed me that he left like that, that he turned his back on me,” she explains in turn, preferring to cut short the discussion and return home to Alès.

For Maximilien, “it’s clear in my head. It’s the end of the experience, it’s the end of our story and our marriage. If she makes this decision, for me, there will be no return point”. Will the experts succeed in saving their marriage? Will Estelle and Maximilien divorce before the end of filming? Answer this evening in the last episode broadcast on M6.