Eric Dane Lands Role in New Amazon Series Amid Euphoria Production Delay

Eric Dane, known for his role in Euphoria, has been cast in the upcoming Amazon series Countdown alongside Jensen Ackles and Jessica Camacho. The thriller drama, created by Derek Haas, follows LAPD officer Mark Meachum as he investigates a suspicious murder that uncovers a larger conspiracy.

Despite his new role, Dane’s involvement in Countdown should not worry Euphoria fans, as sources reveal that work on Season 3 scripts is progressing well under creator Sam Levinson. While there is still a production delay for Euphoria, HBO has allowed the cast to pursue other acting opportunities in the meantime.

If Euphoria moves forward with a third season, filming will need to be coordinated around the schedules of cast members like Dane, who have taken on new projects. Dane has also recently joined the cast of the pan-European miniseries Kabul, currently in production.

In Countdown, Dane will portray Nathan Blythe, a seasoned Special Agent in Charge with a strong commitment to justice. As the series unfolds, the team of undercover agents must navigate personal agendas to uncover a dangerous plot threatening the city.

This role marks Dane’s return to playing a military character, following his lead role in TNT’s The Last Ship. He is also known for his portrayal of Dr. Mark Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy and his award-nominated performance as Cal in Euphoria.

Aside from Countdown, Dane can be seen in upcoming projects like the motorcycle racing film One Fast Move and the film Americana, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival. His diverse acting roles showcase his talent and versatility in the industry.