A new register for Natacha Lindinger. After announcing her departure from the Sam series a few months ago, the actress returns to the detective thriller Between her hands, broadcast this Monday, June 5 on TF1. In this fiction to be discovered in two parts, she plays a wife and mother who sees her life turned upside down after an infidelity.

What is it about in this unpublished fiction? “Clara, a lawyer in Annecy, leads a serene but monotonous life alongside her husband Damien and their two children. One evening, she succumbs to the charm of a mysterious sculptor, Stéphane. This single night will have dramatic repercussions for her and his family…”, teaches us the summary. The actress gives the reply to Yannick Choirat, Amelle Chahbi and Éric Caravaca. The latter agreed to answer questions from Planet.

Actor Éric Caravaca plays Damien, the heroine’s husband, in the unit broadcast on TF1. A character on which the fifty-year-old confided for Planet. “I play a father, someone very square and tidy”.

For the one who was distinguished at the Césars for best male hope (in the film What’s Life?), “you had to play a certain softness and at the same time, he’s someone who still has character. It’s almost easier to play than the character played by Yannick”. On screen, this love triangle will experience many tensions. What about the atmosphere on set?

Before accepting this role in the fiction Between his hands, Éric Caravaca told how he was convinced by the director Vincent Lannoo. “We met in a cafe, I read the project and I liked it,” recalls the actor who was Caesarized in 2000 with Planet. “As I get older, I like to choose first according to the director, before choosing the roles”, adding. “What I really liked was the project itself… It’s also the other actors who are involved like Yannick and Natacha Lindinger that I really like”.

While the detective TV movie transcribes a breathtaking atmosphere on the screen, the actor Éric Caravaca reveals the atmosphere of the shooting with his partners. “Amelle Chahbi is extraordinary, I laughed a lot. She is an extremely funny person, with a lot of humor and humanity”, he explains to us, adding that he “loves also Yannick”, his rival and lover of his wife in the soap opera.

As for his fictional wife Natacha Lindinger, “she’s a great actress”, he admits before confessing to us. “I really like this woman, I did not know her at all and it was a very nice discovery”.

During the filming of the thriller Entre ses mains, which took place near Annecy, Éric Caravaca was marked by a scene in which the heroine was under the influence of her stalker. “They mistreated Natacha Lindinger by plunging her head in the water,” recalls the actor. “I was above, I saw the scene. She had her hands behind her back, we were plunging her head into the pool to make the plans with a diver. It was quite strong and impressive to see this scene , as I was only a spectator”.

For Natacha Lindinger, it was the scenes of nudity with her lover, Yannick Choirat, that marked her a lot. “I must admit that it’s very complicated to shoot and a little painful. I always regret afterwards”, she confides to Télé 7 Jours. “When I was young, I was extremely embarrassed. A few years later, I was a little less so, because I was used to it and still filmable naked. The older I get, the more I tell myself that I don’t have no longer want to make this effort”.