Epstein scandal, Prince Andrews lawyers complain about the U.S. allegations, neither London nor Washington confirm the currently circulating reports about a request for judicial assistance from the United States.oli/sda0 KommentareHat built, according to the U.S. attorney a “wall of silence”: Prince Andrew.Photo: Christopher Furlong/

The lawyers of Britain’s Prince Andrew have not complained on Monday over accusations from the United States, the Royal was cooperative in the investigation of the Epstein-abuse scandal. Previously, there had been reports about a request for legal assistance of the U.S. Department of justice, to let the second oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II in the matter in question. Government speakers from both countries wanted to confirm the reports at the request of the German press Agency, however, neither nor deny.

Andrew is available for months due to his friendship with the now deceased multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein in the criticism. The US businessman had abused over the years, dozens of underage girls abused and forced into Prostitution. He took last summer in a New York prison cell, the life.

Andrew was an overnight guest at Epstein, in whose property in the United States and the Caribbean. From the machinations of his friend, he wants nothing to hear. One of the victims, Virginia Giuffre, accuses the Prince, but he had you need multiple miss. Andrew denies it. He said, however, to all the competent investigating authorities help.

U.S. attorney: “Zero cooperation”

The competent U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman had accused the Prince at the end of January at a press conference to show the “zero cooperation” and a “wall of silence” to build. At the beginning of March, he repeated the criticism. Andrew had closed “the door to a voluntary cooperation fully,” says Berman. This representation is rejected Andrews lawyers as “wrong”. In the unusually strongly worded Letter, they accused the investigators in the US, instead, to have agreements on confidentiality are broken.

The Prince had provided to the U.S. Department of justice at least three Times this year, his support as a witness, it was said in the message. In addition, you had been by the US authorities assured that the Royal had never been the target of the investigation, but on a voluntary Basis to help. “Any attempt to make a request for legal assistance would be disappointing”, said in a statement.

Andrew has since pulled a botched Interview last November that he wanted to restore his reputation, of his duties as a member of the British Royal family. Since then, he showed himself rarely in Public.

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