(Montreal) We will have to head west rather than north if we want to escape the heatwave next summer.

Environment Canada released its forecast for the summer of 2024 on Tuesday and it “with certainty” calls for above-normal temperatures almost everywhere in the country except in British Columbia and the Yukon, where temperatures will be close to normal or even lower than this.

As for knowing whether it will be necessary to bring out the umbrellas or the watering can, very smart one could come forward. The federal agency is in fact unable to predict anything in terms of precipitation for Quebec, the Maritimes and most of Ontario.

At most, there is a possibility of below-normal precipitation in western Ontario, northern Manitoba, southern Alberta and almost all of Saskatchewan.

After last year’s devastating and unprecedented forest fires, Environment and Climate Change Canada has also refined its tools to inform the public about air quality. These tools allow citizens to know the air quality in their area and the concentration of fine particles found there, among other things. We also offer maps that show where possible plumes of smoke from forest fires are located and where they are heading.

For Environment Canada scientists, there is no doubt that global warming is almost entirely caused by human activity. These changes are the source of extreme weather events – including forest fires, but also floods and violent storms – which have pushed the cost of claims on an upward curve for several years.

It should be noted that the map of the evolution of temperatures in Canada between 1948 and 2016 shows that it is the northernmost regions, namely Nunavik in Quebec and Nunavut, which have experienced the greatest increases in their summer temperatures.