Entrepreneurs to the coal exit: Someone has to pay – and will not be environmental associations


    Mr von Eben-Worlée, they warn that the planned Coal phase-will hit the German family-owned companies. Why?

    Because he is extremely expensive, and someone has to pay for it. This will not be the environmental groups. Will pay the consumers, such as medium-sized companies, which pay the highest electricity prices in Europe. Or the state that kills the then – and then the bill ends up back with companies or citizens who pay taxes.

    What do you propose instead?

    reliance on market mechanisms. With emissions trading, the carbon exit by itself. By energy nationalism, as we operate it now, will not succeed the energy transition. It’s all just expensive and nothing else. And the CO2 emissions of a shift in coal-fired power stations from our neighbouring countries.

    you quantify exit costs for the Coal, such as is now proposed, to 100 billion Euro until the year 2038. A huge sum – what’s come over you?

    40 billion euros will flow into the coal countries, the structural change to mitigate. With 32 billion euros, the consumer should be relieved.

    There’s a gap to the estimated € 100 billion gap, but still.

    Both for coal-fired power plants than for lignite-fired power plants is flow compensation – is likely to account for a few billion. The conversion of the base-load power plants. If coal is eliminated, it will require more Gas, which drives the prices up. Two billion euros is not enough per year to the price of electricity discharge.

    Was that it?

    no. It will probably cost for installed reserves. The infrastructure needs to be adapted – both in the electricity as well as gas. Also the energy will get a funding for the conversion to Gas. Add to this the economic distortions, the costs cause: The loaded industry will have to either make less profit or investment elsewhere. Also, the Renewable will not create nearly as many jobs as on the other side disappear. These costs are almost always beat. But they are there. I expect that we will come in the end, rather than the 100 billion euros, as below.