Entrepreneurs in conversation: Hessen digital needs Ministry


    For weeks, the Federal government and the Länder are discussing a digitization Pact – that should be right after all?

    Falk Heunemann

    business editor of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung and the business magazine Metropolitan.

    F. A. Z.

    First of all, I think it’s positive that the Federal government is finally dealing with this issue. On the other hand, I’m starting to Worry about whether or not the funds then flow in the right direction, if not the country determined about the goal, but the Federal.

    Is because of the digitization of the Pact, in principle, in the right direction?

    Yes, but: to verkämpfen Place, schools with a couple of Laptops to equip, it must go much more to the right perspective. How we prepare young people, but not only, on the digital transformation? What investments and changes are needed? This is about little.

    you really Find? Politicians talk constantly about the digitization.

    This might be true, in Talk there is often. And politicians are always thrilled when you return from a trip to China and see what happens. But in this country we are not making any progress for years. For twenty years we have not even the electronic health card properly. If it remains in the case of declarations of intent, we will lose our competitiveness. If China is investing ten Times as much in the future as we are, we must not be surprised if we stay back.

    we are economically as well as over the need for reform seems to be necessary?

    Actually is currently flowing a lot of money in the present consumption and too little investment in the future. The main problem is, however, that we discuss in the digitization, especially about negative consequences, such as the threatened privacy or the loss of jobs. At the same time, we talk too little about, what opportunities it offers, and that thus, for example, many new jobs will be created. As more than two hundred years of the mechanical loom was introduced, were many weavers once unemployed. At the same time, but many new Jobs, such as loom-a machine Builder, and the industrialization emerged began.

    What needs to change?

    perspective: the digitisation is a threat to the jobs, but not participating in it. If we refuse her, the Jobs of the future elsewhere. This would meet Hessen difficult. The proportion of jobs in the telecommunications and the software industry is two and a half Times higher than the national average.

    The state government has always claimed that Hesse was the roll-out of broadband on a good way. Do you share this assessment?

    The data exchange between the companies is increasing just exponential. In my engineering company Arno Arnold for example, we work now with “Predictive Maintenance”. The data from the machines to give us an indication of when we it is best to wait or parts to replace. The only we don’t do. More and more machines or vehicles and send the data, so that you can more productively be used. This rapidly growing demand, we need to prepare the infrastructure.