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“The master Enrique Ponce cause low at the celebration today. Being already in The Espinar el matador, along with his crew and guardian, has suffered the fuck suffered Thursday in The Port of Santa Maria [so was the mishap]. The company has decided to stop the run today in a hand-to-hand”. So what has been communicated to the organiser of the celebration this afternoon/evening, televised by ls chambers of Castilla-La Mancha.

Enrique Ponce suffered the fuck the last Thursday in The Port, when he went to kill the first bull of the afternoon, the herd of Juan Pedro Domecq, “Breakers” of the name. The figure of Chiva prodded in the first meeting and , in the second, to bury the thrust, running lit up by the arm, with the spout extending into the sleeve of the jacket, what encunó a few seconds and threw him in the ring. With Ponce motionless in the sand, fortunately the bull of Juan Pedro did not for him and there were no consequences to regret. In valencia, he received the love of the public with a strong ovation. Later, in the fourth, cut off an ear after a faena with his seal.

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