A flight from Washington D. C. to go to Beijing by Air China on the 17th of september, shortly after take-off to return to the airport. When the pass was in the air, heard as a witness on the basis of a “deafening bang”. Once he had turned around, he saw that one of the engines of the Boeing 777 aircraft was on fire. The pilot had to be a fuel dump but it was finally in the plane, in which position it is in for a total of 396 passengers safe and sound on the ground.

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Chaos on the tarmac, and as a cateringtruck crazy turn: He praises the employee, which is extremely expensive aircraft rescue

the Passengers are doodsangsten off when the plane is five miles to the falls in just a few minutes of your time:

the Debris from the aircraft falling “like bullets” from the sky after engine problems shortly after take-off
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