Energy inflation has peaked. From now on, there is a risk of a shortage of electricity this winter and it is important that all French people make an effort to try to save energy.

“This could be Europe’s biggest energy crisis for at least a generation,” Mirabaud analyst John Plassard told our colleagues at La Dépêche.

In addition, with rising prices, reducing energy expenditure can also be a way of gaining purchasing power which, in times of inflation like the one we are going through, is not negligible.

Among the unnecessary energy expenditure, we find devices in standby mode, which have an impressive consumption. Thus, according to the specialized website ekWateur, a nuclear power plant reactor is specifically dedicated to these unused devices.

It is true that sleep mode has improved over the past few years, and the power consumption related to it has decreased. However, it is still present since ADEME estimates it at between 300 and 500 kWh per year and per household. This represents up to 10% of the electricity bill.

About 15 to 50 devices per household are on standby almost daily. This is also felt on the invoice since the cost that this entails every year is more than 80 €.

Among all these devices, some are particularly power-hungry, even when in sleep mode. Here are 9 devices to unplug when not in use.