Not all French people consume energy in the same way. And these disparities are particularly visible at the regional level.

Thus, some territories are heated with gas, while others can rely on electricity. And above all, specifies the newspaper Le Parisien, the departments where the winters are milder prioritize heat pumps, which consume a lot of electricity, “because they are often reversible and allow the premises to be cooled in summer”.

In some departments, therefore, winter will be even more expensive. Because it is now recorded, inevitable; electricity and gas prices will rise.

Last week, Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne announced a “contained” 15% increase, thanks in particular to the establishment of a tariff shield without which the bill would have reached astronomical sums.

Thus, according to government estimates, the average increase this winter should be, for an average household, €25 per month for gas and €20 per month for electricity.

But not all households in France will be equal in the face of inevitable energy inflation. “In terms of electricity, a retired couple from the Côte d’Azur can have a much higher electricity bill than a family from the North”, notes the Parisian. The fault lies in a whole host of variables, such as the climate, the heating method, the available suppliers and local public policies…

But then, where will energy be the most expensive this winter? In our slideshow, discover the departments that should bear the brunt of the rise in electricity and gas prices, according to studies and infographics from Le Parisien.