That was The last colliery was shut down, and that is after all the billions for the mining industry in terms of regulatory policy is overdue. The German prosperity is due to the coal. But to the point of profitability are not subsidies can back to eternity. The also economic Minister of the heed, looking to the proximity to the father of the Social market economy should.

While the policy is correct, if you are the 20,000 employees in the lignite coalfields now, not to the mountain-free drop-and – for security of supply reasons, which is not given without the brown coal simply for a long time, and a sense of social responsibility to the people in Lusatia and the Rhineland.

But a purely political, not the market price-oriented end-date for the exit strategy from Coal is just as wrong as Structural support in any amount. Every Euro from the funding pot is, finally, a Euro of the working population has to be earned.

Well, that Merkel’s CDU has, finally, a group chief, recalled recently that his East Westphalian home has achieved structural change away from the wood-processing industry, even without state aid.