Things will soon change at checkout. From 2023, merchants will be prohibited from issuing a receipt by default. The French and the French who might want to consult it will then have to ask for it openly, recalls Midi Libre on its site. A decision that is anchored in a logic of anti-waste and follows a vote that took place in 2020 in France. Instead of the usual ticket, consumers will therefore have to learn to deal with a new format: the dematerialized ticket. In appearance, the solution appears perfect. However, this does not mean that there will never be a use for receipts again. On the contrary.

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In addition, continue our colleagues, dematerialized tickets present a certain number of problems which it is important to note and which it is possible to avoid using a traditional ticket. Explanations.

First of all, underlines the regional press title, the stated objective of environmental protection could not be fulfilled with such a ticket: its storage in a storage center and its transmission to the customer constitute two costly operations on the energy plan. So much so that it could generate more Co2 equivalent grams in the air than printing the usual document. In addition, it is also an opportunity for companies to recover some of the personal data of French men and women: to transmit purchasing information, it will now be necessary to recover the customer’s email address, at least…