The hiring of executives is clearly increasing according to figures from Apec (the Association for the employment of executives) reported by Capital. Indeed, it would have increased by 5% in just one year, despite the uncertain crisis context!

Still according to Apec, 12% of companies would like to hire at least one executive by the end of 2022. This increase in demand for executives is explained by the relative relaxation of tensions caused by shortages of materials. first, as reported by Le Monde. Gaël Bouron, deputy head of the studies division of Apec, also confided to the daily: “We have not yet, in France, any impact on employment from the slowdown in growth.”

However, recruitment is hampered by several factors: a low number of applications, a gap between candidates and profiles sought and finally competition between companies on certain profiles sought. This phenomenon is exacerbated in the IT and research and development sectors, fields for which you need specialized technical skills that are relatively rare.

Inflation can, in this context, work both ways. Indeed, some executives will be motivated to change companies with a view to increasing their purchasing power. However, an unstable financial situation linked to the crisis can also put a brake on potential candidates, who will then not want to take unnecessary risks.

Find below the sectors that are recruiting the most in your region at the moment according to Apec…