The lack of teachers in many States there is a large Problem. In order to receive the instruction to maintain even retired teachers are rarely out of retirement brought back to their former schools to help out.

The former officials are allowed to do that also then still, when you reach your official retirement age is already excessive. This has reaffirmed the Federal labour court in Erfurt, Germany in a judgment now and again.

the end of February of this year, the European court of justice had confirmed that an activity beyond the retirement age is also compatible with EU law.

teachers against increased Working hours

sticking point are the operational agreements, with the former teacher by their former employers to this more bschäftigung individually and enable you to continue to work of workers over the age limit.

the judgment, the claim of a vocational school teacher from lower Saxony went ahead, after Reaching the retirement age pursuant to an agreement with his employer should still work on a temporary basis for five months.