Will 2023 be the year of full employment? One thing is certain: the job market is doing well, as evidenced by the figures for 2022. According to a survey by Le Parisien, the unemployment rate fell sharply in France last year. In certain regions, this figure even approaches the full employment rate, set at 5% of category A job seekers without any professional activity.

“We are recruiting almost everywhere in France and not only in traditional professions in tension, such as hotels and restaurants or personal services,” continues the Ile-de-France daily. In our slideshow below, discover the three professions most in demand by recruiters, region by region.

Here are the figures from Pôle emploi, relayed by Le Parisien:

According to our colleagues’ survey, human qualities are increasingly scrutinized by recruiters. The traditional CV becomes “secondary”: “We focus more on human qualities, behavior, the ability to be a leader or not, to work in a team or not, than on skills”, writes the daily. On the other hand, Pôle emploi offers companies strategies to get closer to job seekers to whom they would not initially turn: sport, training, simulations, etc.