Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the relationship with work has changed for everyone and particularly among professional executives. Indeed, several sectors of activity are affected by an increase in job offers, according to a barometer dedicated to intermediate and senior functions carried out by the Adecco group which the Capital newspaper reveals exclusively.

Normally, “managerial” employees are little affected by unemployment, despite this, job offers have been increasing in recent years. Indeed, this explosion of offers (37% in the health sector for example) corresponds to a shortage of labor in certain territories. We are seeing an explosion of needs in Île-de-France, for example. Indeed, the French have reorganized their way of living by favoring life in the regions with their family, in rural areas, thanks in part to the implementation of teleworking. Other sectors with difficult working conditions such as health are shunned by qualified people.

In 2022, certain sectors will see the number of job offers explode, such as:

Among these sectors of activity, around ten professions are becoming particularly attractive for executives looking for work. Furthermore, as Capital points out, the level of unemployment being very low among executives, this favors negotiations during a job interview. Future employees are in a better position to use competition to increase their salary but also their working conditions.

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