Coronavirus in the Netherlands – employees of a mink farm should have animals infected In the Netherlands is supposed to have first infected a human, by a mink with the Virus. The government wants to move the operator to make the equipment earlier than planned density. 9 Kommentare9Soll Sars-CoV-2 to an employee is passed: In the mink farms in the Netherlands, grass the Virus is categorized under the animals. Photo: Fabian Bimmer, Reuters

In the Netherlands may have been the first infected human, by a mink with the new Coronavirus. New studies show that it is regarded as likely that an employee of a mink farm in the case of an animal infected, according to the agriculture Ministry in The Hague.

The government wants to move the fur animal breeders to close mink farms earlier than planned, said Minister of agriculture Carola Schouten on Wednesday, according to news Agency ANP.

Regardless of the Corona-pandemic must all Dutch mink farms, according to a decision of the Supreme court until 2024 to the operation. By subsidy offers operators could be potentially brought with it, this is more likely to implement, said Schouten. The Ministry has ordered investigations of the animals in all mink farms. However, the health authority, RIVM estimates the risk of infection for people outside of the stall and equipment are extremely low.

at the end of April the new Coronavirus in several mink in two breeding farms in the province of Noord-been of Brabant found not far from the German border. In order to prevent a spread of the Virus, have been sealed off both of the farms in a Radius of 400 meters. The agriculture Minister also ordered a mandatory reporting requirement for mink breeders and veterinarians in corona symptoms.


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