Emmanuel Macron celebrates his 45th birthday: a look back at his most improbable look-alikes


“Happy Birthday Mr President” sang Marilyn Monroe to US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1962. Sixty years later and almost at the same age, Emmanuel Macron could have overshadowed him with his ideal son-in-law physique. However, the founder of En Marche elected President of the Republic in 2017 has not ceased to be talked about during his five-year term. Again this year, he was the most publicized personality in the French press according to the Tagaday platform, relayed by Puremédias.

From his beginnings in politics with François Hollande to his arrival at the Élysée, the 45-year-old head of state has regularly been likened to many (more or less) striking look-alikes. Like the most famous of them, the author and poet Boris Vian who looks like him unmistakably as internet users on social networks attest. Or the American actor Jonathan Groff, seen in the notable series Glee and Mindhunter, very popular with fans.

Nevertheless, it was an illustrious stranger who stole the show from Emmanuel Macron during the electoral campaign six years earlier. Eliott, a young man from Caen, had created a viral buzz on Twitter because of his more than disturbing resemblance to the politician. “I’m going to shit for 5 years, I have to mourn my face,” he said with humor on his public page. “The joke of calling me Macron, I was told 3 to 4 times a day,” he confided to our colleagues from France Info.

Smarter than ever, the French are having a field day and watching for the slightest opportunity to find look-alikes of the president on television. De L’Amour is in the meadow at the Miss France evening… Here is an anthology of the funniest similarities with President Macron in our slideshow.