Shadow ministers for better or for worse? Since the re-election of Emmanuel Macron in 2022, most of the ministers of the Borne government are struggling to exist. They are 42, however, only a handful is known to the general public. Gérald Darmanin (Interior), Bruno Le Maire (Economy), Gabriel Attal (Public accounts), Olivier Véran (spokesperson), Eric Dupont-Moretti (Justice) or Marlène Schiappa (Associative life), few are the ministers who manage to distinguish themselves and all were already part of the government of Jean Castex.

Even within Renaissance, identifying all the ministers is far from an easy task. “I am unable to make you the list!”, Confesses a senior official of the majority in the columns of Parisian.

“There is a weakness in the media, a plethoric government but without political weight!”, Worried an adviser in November to our colleagues. But for the Secretary of State for the Sea, Hervé Berville, “the goal of a minister is not to exist as such, but to implement his roadmap, to run his administration …”, he explained in the Parisian daily at the same time.

But at the time of the pension reform, the ministers who stand out are still very few which, according to the words of a close friend of the Elysée, annoys the President of the Republic. However, this could well be part of one of his strategies.

Indeed, the Head of State today crystallizes all the social anger linked to the pension reform. To get out of this bad patch, lately, he does not hesitate to steal the lack of popularity of members of the government to ensure a rise in the polls.

While he remained silent throughout the first phase of the union and social mobilizations, Emmanuel Macron is now back on the front of the stage. His schedule is busy and his appointments are numerous. In the days to come, the president will be on all fronts: interview for the economic magazine Challenges, visit of a future electric battery factory in Dunkirk, “Choose France” event at the Palace of Versailles with all the pundits of the business community. .

These meetings all have one goal: to bring the bill on green industry presented on May 16 to the Council of Ministers, reveals Le Parisien. Bruno Le Maire and Roland Lescure, Minister of Industry, at the origin of this text, have only to observe him obtain glory for their work. On this ground, Emmanuel Macron is far from being at his first attempt.

In the ministries, it is assured that this does not represent any problem and, on the contrary, it even gives greater scope to the text. “The Head of State considers that the reserved domain of the President of the Republic is not only the armies and foreign affairs, explains the Elysee. It is also the ecological transition (therefore work and reindustrialization ), education and health. In short, the president is involved in strategic subjects for France”, assures in particular a ministerial adviser in the columns of our colleagues.

This bill is not the only one in which the President of the Republic has decided to put his nose. Increase in the remuneration of teachers, reform of the vocational school, delegation of medical acts, plan on water resources… All these projects prepared by the ministers were presented by the Head of State under the nose and beard of these last.

“The collective is not his concern”, confides a minister to the Ile-de-France daily. The strategy is clear: to go up the slope, Emmanuel Macron will not hesitate to step on his ministers even if it means sinking their already well-buried popularity six feet under.