The person who answers you when you reach 15 is an ARM (Medical Regulation Assistant). The latter aims to identify your request and the urgency of your situation in order to redirect you to the Samu or the SAS in just 45 seconds.

SAS is Access to Care Access Services. Set up with the aim of relieving hospitals which are sorely lacking in personnel, if the seriousness of your situation does not constitute a vital danger, the medical regulation assistant will direct you to him. As Capital reports to us: “the generalization of SAS throughout France is promised by the government for the end of the year so that hospital emergencies can – finally – regain their breath by 2024”. So when is it necessary to contact 15?

You must call 15 in the event of a life-threatening emergency: heart attack, chest pain, respiratory distress, stroke, malaise, fracture, etcetera. But also in case you need either medical advice or even a doctor on call. For these last two cases, it is recommended that you call 15 only if the medical centers are closed, and your health problem cannot wait.

If your emergency is not vital, for example if it is neither a heart attack nor a stroke, it is best to contact your doctor. If the latter is unable to see you, you can then go to applications and websites to make an appointment online with another healthcare professional, such as the Doctolib platform, or consult the website of the ‘Health insurance: Ameli, in order to find the telephone number of a doctor who can take care of you quickly.