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The hordes of animalism wild add and follow. The statue of the matador de toros José Luis Palomar Soria has dawned dash of red paint, like blood that covers the face of the bullfighter. As recalled in the web, is not the first time that he suffers an act of vandalism, this monument that stands next to the plaza de toros, the home town of Palomar, where he wore his first dress of lights in 1970.

Jose Luis Palomar took the alternative in Castellón in march of 1978, of the hands of the Manzanares and in the presence of the Child of the Capes, with the bull of Baltasar Ibán. Cut off an ear from each bull. That same year, on the 17th of may, the confirmed in San Isidro with cattle, Ramón Sánchez, and of the hands of Dámaso González.

Between your evenings memorable figure in the history of the June 1, 1982, in the call Cumshot of the Century in Madrid with bulls of Victorino Martín in a celebration in which everyone came out to shoulders. Repeated triumph in the Charity, with another Big Door the maelstrom.

Now, Palomar is a commentator on Telemadrid in broadcasts bullfighting, commanded by the journalist Sixto Naranjo.