The adventure is accelerating tonight in the Philippines. This Tuesday, March 14 is broadcast the fourth episode of Koh-Lanta, The sacred fire with Denis Brogniart on TF1. After 10 days of survival, the two tribes of candidates led by Nicolas and Helena will experience incredible upheaval.

As announced last week at the end of the episode, the adventurers will compete in an individual knockout event, where they will have to make fire as quickly as possible. The first to complete the challenge will win the talisman, synonymous with protection. Woe to the last or the last of the castaways who will fail and be ousted from the adventure game.

Among the adventurers still in the race on Koh-Lanta, Élodie is determined to show what wood she is warming up to save her place in the game. At 35, she comes from Belgium where she works as marketing and communication manager for a board game company. “I get paid to play,” she jokes in her portrait.

However, the sublime Belgian was destined for another career path: that of music. “My dream in life was to be an opera singer”, explains the one who experienced health problems at 23 years old. When polyps were detected, Élodie changed register and turned to rock, although she had to stop singing to preserve her voice. “Singing is therapy for me on a daily basis and I am the happiest in the world”.

With her personality, Élodie has already made an impression with fans of Koh-Lanta for several weeks of broadcasting. “Sparkling, determined and high pitched” by her own admission, Helena’s rival admits to being also “clumsy”. Like the last episode where the thirties knocked over the fish to be cooked in the fire, but also crushed Martin’s foot during training with the red tribe for the comfort test.

Despite the obstacles, Élodie intends to go the furthest in the adventure. “I want Koh-Lanta to be my playground,” she assured the screen. However, this life-size terrain is strewn with pitfalls and the candidate has learned the hard way. Unhappy in the draw where she drew the black ball 3 times (out of 5 draws since the start of the game), the Belgian saw red when she felt like she was eliminated by the Tinago (her tribe). Will she ward off bad luck and save her place tonight in Koh-Lanta? Discover his portrait in pictures in our slideshow.