Ellis Martin Report: First Hydrogen Corp.’s (CVE:FHYD) FCEV Completes Successful Trial with Amazon. An In-depth Interview In Person with Francois Morin

Quebec, June 10, 2024 AEST (ABN Newswire) – First Hydrogen Corp. (CVE:FHYD) has recently accomplished a significant milestone with the successful trial of its hydrogen-powered-fuel-cell vehicle (FCEV) in partnership with Amazon. The trial, which took place in London, UK, saw the FCEV cover a distance of 535 km (332 miles), delivering 3,462 packages with 1,547 stops. Amazon has confirmed the excellent performance of the FCEV during the trial, which involved 8-10 hour shifts with frequent stops. Improvements in design and predictive behavior (AI) will be implemented based on the trial results to enhance payload and performance.

The company’s hydrogen-as-a-service model (HASS) has been showcased through partnerships, leading to plans for expanding trials to Europe and North America. Telematics data collected during the trial has been crucial in evaluating the FCEV’s performance under various conditions, with the data indicating a projected range of 397 km (247 miles). Further enhancements are expected to increase this range to over 450 km (280 miles) before refueling becomes necessary.

Moreover, First Hydrogen is in discussions with a country-wide industrial fleet operator in Mexico to transition their fleets to hydrogen-powered fuel cells and establish a country-wide Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) infrastructure. Mexico’s hydrogen trade body, Asociacion Mexicana de Hidrogeno (AMH), reports that there are 15 projects under development in Mexico, with a total capex investment of US$20 billion, facilitating nearly 7 gigawatts (GW) of green hydrogen.

The company’s fuel cell’s powertrain has demonstrated its ability to deliver power when needed, achieving outputs of 60kW during transient accelerations and a peak range of 630km (400 miles) in previous trials. This showcases the vehicle’s capability to handle demanding tasks, such as carrying heavier payloads or driving over challenging terrains.

In an in-depth interview with Francois Morin, a Director at First Hydrogen Corp., the company’s commitment to addressing emissions through integrated, clean energy solutions is highlighted. First Hydrogen aims to create scalable and replicable eco-systems for the rapid expansion of zero emission commercial fleets, emphasizing the importance of green hydrogen in achieving fully green mobility.

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About First Hydrogen Corp.:
First Hydrogen Corp. (CVE:FHYD) (OTCMKTS:FHYDF) (FRA:FIT) is leading the way in removing adoption barriers for zero-emission fleets with its fully integrated, green hydrogen-centric solution, while creating scalable ecosystems for rapid expansion in high-growth markets.

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