Elisabeth Borne: her very surprising new nickname


Every Prime Minister has his nickname. Edouard Philippe was “Doudou”, Jean Castex was “Croque-mémés”… So what is Elisabeth Borne’s? Installed in Matignon since May, the head of government has had four months to prove herself, but does not reach a consensus within the tight ranks of Macronie. Saturday, September 17, the cameras of Quotidien landed at the founding congress of the Renaissance party, where the Prime Minister was notably present. The latter was greeted with applause, according to the images broadcast by the show on Wednesday, September 21, and acclaimed for long minutes throughout her speech.

A fervor that surprised her, because the path was strewn with pitfalls. As Le Monde explains, “the Prime Minister has managed to establish her authority” to the surprise of some, her detractors on the front line. Upon her arrival at Matignon, Elisabeth Borne was indeed nicknamed “Plan B” by certain ministers, thus recalling that she was Emmanuel Macron’s second choice. Four months later, her nickname is quite different, because a minister would now call her “Queen B”. What displease his detractors? The evening newspaper explains that certain government heavyweights, such as Bruno Le Maire and Gérald Darmanin, “had to resign themselves” because, “the rigid-looking polytechnician (…) settled into her role”.

If this nickname given to Elisabeth Borne can make you smile, it is because it refers to a completely different personality… Beyoncé. The singer has indeed been nicknamed “Queen B” for years, but is there a connection? The World does not say so. One thing is certain, queen or no queen, the Prime Minister has burning issues to deal with in the coming months, particularly with regard to pension reform… Will she still be “Queen B” by the end of the year?